Depravity - Grand Malevolence

From Perth, Australia, here comes these Depravity. A band active since 2016 but with this "Grand Malevolence" they already reach their second full album after releasing "Evil Upheaval" two years ago.

Also under Transcending Obscurity Records, "Grand Malevolence" presents itself as one of the best record releases of this 2020. 50 minutes of crazy death metal, terribly fresh songwriting with fantastic solos and songs that remind me so much of the latest Deicide ("Trophies Of Inhumanity"). 11 pieces from which I find it particularly difficult to find any flaws and / or imperfections.

'Indulging Psychotic Thoughts' throws us into the visionary but real world of Depravity... where growl and screams blend perfectly with the structure of the song. The title track is simply phenomenal. A mix of Deicide, The Black Dahlia Murder... truly exceptional. Never as in this album have the solos been dosed in the most perfect way ever to give the final mix that something that really makes the difference.

'Invalid Majesty' continues on the same canons and so on along all the tracks up to the exclusive 'Ghost In The Void'. Pounding rhythm section, excellent technique, voice and really well built riffings.

"Grand Malevolence" is one of those albums that we will hardly be able to be removed from your Hi-Fi system. Album to have at all costs. Phenomenal, crazy, death metal!

5 / 5 STARS  


1. Indulging Psychotic Thoughts
2. Grand Malevolence
3. Invalid Majesty
4. Cantankerous Butcher
5. Trophies Of Inhumanity
6. Castrate The Perpetrators
7. The Coming Of The Hammering
8. Barbaric Eternity
9. Hallucination Aflame
10. Epitome Of Extinction
11. Ghosts In The Void