Defecal Of Gerbe - Mothershit

Goregrind with tons of brutal death metal outbursts is what these splendid gentlemen from France have to offer for 2019. "Mothershit" is the first full length of Defecal Of Gerbe and it is a really disgusting and worth puking while listening to it, effort. In a more free translation, this means AWESOME.

Defecal Of Gerbe play noise that does not intend to change your views in anything. Party music, party people and this is what they deliver. 'Sympathy For The Débile' breaks the silence and what we come upon, is fat and loud guitar sound used for some of the nastiest goregrind riffs ever. Not a typical Defecal Of Gerbe song in length as most of their songs last about 1:30 minutes and this one goes up to 4:30 (very few in the entire album), but it really doesn’t get tiresome at all. Three sets of vocal chords party here as the guitars and drums unleash typical 4/4 goregrind party beats. Grunts, growls and harsh shrieks. You can imagine what goes on once all of them get combined. Mostly into grooves but won’t hesitate to proceed to relentless blasting when needed. The A stuff.

Songs proceed and really you got to be focused if you want to keep track as they are small in length and have an awesome flow. This means that after a while you won’t realize how fast you went from 1 to 10. These guys here know how to utilize cleverly, break points. Most of the times in order to alter riffs, they make a split second break and then move on with their next theme. Although this technique is not something new, these guys seem to know its discipline so well, making their songs anything but boring. 43 minutes filled with goregrind, groove beats, brutal death metal blasting moments and three psychos singing their guts off in the most appealing way ever.

'Camembert Nécrophile', 'Leffe For Dead', 'Discolocauste', 'Règles In Blood', 'Diarrhée Mousseuse' are just some of the ones you’ll push the repeat button. Awesome production, aiming to give all instruments their space but on the same time make them sound as one. Final master giving "Mothershit" the proper amount of dirt needed. We’re talking about a dirty and nasty sounding production but on the same time loud and clear enough so you can tell which is which. Really... it can’t get better. When you think of Goregrind mixed with death metal, this is what you get. Defecal Of Gerbe is the band you‘ll see in Obscene Extreme or any other festival of that kind. Sweaty, dirty and nasty goregrind but so much fun to listen to…

"Mothershit" comes in a digipak limited edition so if there are any collection mongrels out there, go grab your copy. A big turd flying as another Hindenburg for a cover and the intro sample… "Le pouvoir du Christ te pousse à céder... le pouvoir defecal te pousse à te coller un gros piment dans le cul" (Hell no.. i dunno French.. I just got many friends… Haha) opening the album is more than enough to get you there… Worked for me!


1. Sympathy For The Débile
2. Camembert Nécrophile
3. Once Upon The Crotte
4. Leffe For Dead
5. Ass Of Ped
6. Sublime Inspecteur Derrick Decomposition
7. Discolocauste
8. Chiasse À Paillettes
9. Beheaded Kamikaze
10. Règles In Blood
11. Madame Richard In The Land Of Fist
12. Adolph Lundgren
13. Boogie Woogie Dancing Truie
14. Abbath Loves Friskies
15. I’m Your Boogie Touffe
16. Diarrhée Mousseuse
17. La Sono El Claque