Decayor - Recurring Times Of Grief

On first impressions, Decayor appear to be a total Death Metal band with the band's name and the artwork on this EP but this band from Ireland for the most part is slowed down Death Metal played with the intensity of depressive Doom Metal. Previous releases were just a couple of demo's but real good ones so i was excited to get a copy of this brand new EP called "Recurring Times Of Grief". The band play straight out, old-school Death Doom, no keyboards, no romantic interludes, no spacey sound effects, just straight out crushing Doom Metal with a Deathly twist. The EP begins with a short, ambient intro that is not very interesting and kind of pointless really but thankfully the rest of the EP makes up for it. The first real track named "Veil Of Despair" has all the dynamic ingredients you would expect from a Death/Doom band, deep growls, lead guitar that seems to cry out at you and crushing riffing of course. Right from the start its becomes clear that these Irish dudes have spent a lot of time on these songs. Dynamic riffing that is always changing, shifting mood changes and a sense of true musicianship. Vocals offer a surprise at every turn as they change frequently and the drumming is spectacular. They have a slightly unorthodox way of constructing their epic tales of insanity and depression, the music itself isn't anything original but the way the songs are arranged sound fresh and interesting.

"The Sacred Heart Is Bleeding" is my pick for best track on the EP, a classic melodic guitar line that shifts into a more up-tempo, chugging rhythm one minute before descending into a glorious, ominous, atmospheric section based around acoustic guitar. Some clean vocals come in that is pure, spine-chilling stuff and then it turns into a monster of a Doom track again spiraling down to a climatic ending. The other track on the album, "Weeping Willows" has more great riffs, remarkable vocals that include some breath-taking screams, tempo changes that excite and mind-bending lead breaks. The main man who writes most if not all the material is guitarist, vocalist Pauric Gallagher, better known for his work in Mourning Beloveth. The EP is just a bit over 30 minutes long so its just a sample of what the band is capable of in the future and while they are not re-inventing anything, they are not recycling anything either. What stands out is the skilled musicianship and the songs that are extremely well thought-out. Without a doubt, Decayor are a band to watch out for.

1. Stir Of Echoes
2. Veil Of Despair
3. The Sacred Heart Is Bleeding
4. Weeping Willows

Self released
Reviewer: Ed
May 5, 2010

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