Deathwave - Subservience, Severenth, Sclavinia and Lazarus Syndrome

Deathwave - Subservience, Severenth, Sclavinia and Lazarus Syndrome - The Lomax - 02.03.2013

Lazarus Syndrome
Born Again

Grab The Sword
Eastern Wind
Master Twardowski
Carnal (cover Vader)
Devil's Parade

2 Mirrors
New Tune
My Illusion
Wayward Days
God’s Game
Born To suffer

Masterpiece Of Deceit
Exit Wounds
No Messiah
Ripped In Half
Shotgun Autopsy

Well for someone having to review a gig like this – where do I start? There is so much; to write about I feel I will be here quite a while mulling over the events that took place the other night. From the beginning of this extremely brutal evening to the very end – it held a captive audience and was a compelling watch.

Lazarus Syndrome

Always a pleasure to see Lazarus Syndrome perform live and this gig was no exception. Although I arrived 5 minutes late for the start of their early set the melodic overtones were prevalent, but yet the band still captured that raw and uncompromising element of brutality to a T. Pete’s vocals were superb both the singing and the growling was tremendous, with Jamie and Mike’s fret-work spectacular, the bass hooks from Tom were strong and the drumming from Matt hit the spot. I was however sorry that the guys did not play “Forsaken” and “A Path Less Traveled” but the tracks they did play were resoundingly enthralling to watch. Lazarus Syndrome’s Pete Ford, the mighty man behind the even more mighty vocals was worried that they were not as “Heavy” as the other bands, but a bit of melodic never goes amiss and played as brilliantly as they did last night – he need not have worried at all. There will always be a place in my heart (and indeed Ian Laver’s heart) for this superb live band. A definite must to see live; for a good balance of melody with raucous brutality and In-penetrable energy – Brilliant set!


From the old Sclavinia to the new – although I was sad to see Daniel (Lysy) Leave the band and good seeing him there to support his friends at the event (as well as Dave giving a shout out to him) I realised that Sclavinia probably needed the change to move up in their career and with Dave Gardener on vocals the band stand a good chance of getting somewhere. So now Sclavinia are not just a Polish band they are a quarter percent British. Dave aka Handlanger used to be with the bombastic band Horrorcaused who literally ripped up places and were banned from most of them with their unusual style of metal, burning dolls and covering themselves in fake blood, but now Dave has found a more serious outlet for all that pent up aggression and he really fits in well with Sclavinia’s style superbly. (I must say here though that I did enjoy seeing Horrorcaused live as that element of “What the F*** is going to happen here” was always exciting to witness) Behind Neton (as he is known by now) the band’s drummer was an unusual array of feathers in the shape of wings, that added something different and between them these guys just smashed the set with their wonderful array of brutal death metal and dedicated “Devil’s Parade” their last track to all the bands and the crowd who had come down to support them - which was a nice tribute to everyone. I am so looking forward to seeing the band perform live again as they never disappoint and hearing their new album Polinized (great title) Amazing Set! Dziękuję Sclavinia!!!


Never having the pleasure of seeing these guys live – until the Deathwave gig, Andy (Deathwave) sent me a link of the band playing 2 Mirrors – (now my ultimate favourite track from the band) I must have played it at least 50 times or more over and over – it really is a captivating track and Peet on vocals has the most amazing scream and vocal range I have ever heard and Ben’s raucous growls were a great compliment to the band’s overwhelming set. But nothing prepared me for seeing the guys in action the rhythms and beats from the band just blew me away and looking around the audience I could see most heads moving fiendishly in time to the copious array of sound that was before them. Half way through the set an American voice shouted the words: “You need to tighten your belt more!” Peet uttered something but nothing was duly made of the remark – making reference to the fact two of the members of the band were wearing their jeans low slung revealing their underwear – for me it is not about how low slung their jeans are but what the music is about and for their style of music low slung jeans were well in keeping as they stomped about to the fantastic display of music that was in abundance as they churned out track after track of superb and distinct grooves. Peet had the most amazing dreads – which of course I just had to touch (my prerogative!) and they looked so neat tucked up in their white woollen hat but once out of it – well let’s just say that Pagan was extremely taken with them. Ben growls and Peet screams - when they sing together are just fantastic they really complement each other and it all adds to the explosion that is Severenth with Magic Dave’s grimacing face behind the drum kit and his feet working overtime and Adam and Ste on the frets pumping out some amazing riffs – this is one amazing band. To say Severenth were compelling would be an understatement as each track was deftly executed and performed with tremendous venom and aggression, you could hardly fail to be moved with their music or indeed their stage presence – it was something absolutely befitting to such a good night. The guys also are down to earth and friendly and it was a pleasure to meet them and really hoping to catch them play live again soon. Tremendously breath-taking set!


This was the band’s debut gig and from start to finish they delivered with precise accuracy and looked at home in their Scouse surroundings. They literally pulverised and carved a metal notch further up the scale with each track they played. We have Kali to thank for seeing the band live; as she mentioned to me that she has followed the band for a while and knew all their music and so it was befitting that they should dedicate a track to her entitled “Wolverine” to which Kali shouted at the end “You Legends!” The hair just flew in all directions and the atmosphere was well in keeping at one of Andy’s events, and if you have not yet been to one – I seriously urge you to make the effort as Andy has some of the finest bands on you can imagine and everyone has a great time participating and feeling part of a worthwhile and rewarding nights entertainment. An extremely vibrant and moving set which everyone clearly enjoyed and again it would be a real treat seeing Subservience grace the stage again sometime soon. Awesome set!

To sum up the event: This night gave us four amazing bands that sang and played effortlessly to a mesmerised crowd of onlookers. Totally faultless the night had no flaws and everyone enjoyed themselves. Finishing at 11pm which I thought was superb as there was time to chat and meant everyone could get public transport home was a real bonus. 

I really cannot thank Andy enough for this event and think Deathwave truly is a first class event with hopefully more new as well as old bands to witness live. I personally love these local events and have so much fun meeting new people and chatting to new bands as well as seeing them playing live for the first time.


Reviewer: Pagan Hel
Mar 3, 2013
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