Deathkings - All That Is Beautiful

California’s Deathkings return with their massive 2nd full-length entitled “All That Is Beautiful”. This CD is incredibly massive! Consisting of only 4 songs and having a running time of over an hour, you can just imagine that you are in for some dreadful sonic obliteration. There is so much power and passion in these 4 songs that it is unbelievable. This is dread and desolation ant its purest and finest. A storm within itself, this album will leave you completely devastated!

At times this album is reminiscent of bands such as Evoken, Ocean Chief (only not as fuzzy), and Ahab. Sludgy and bottom heavy throughout, the riffs carry you through your journey through this sonic dreariness. With an occasional mid to hi riff, indicating the ghosts of memories of tragedies endured. To go along with these feelings, you will come across some slight stoner vibes which mellows out, yet slightly deepens the aural sadness you are enduring. The pace will pick up when necessary which is a nice twist to what bands of this genre normally play. Also incorporated are some classical doom elements, and some ever so slight progressive elements. I’m serious, listen to this band and any other playing the same type of music then you tell me if there are no progressive elements. It’s nice to see that bands in the sludge and doom genres are now incorporating progressive elements into their music. This band does it rather nicely even if it is slight and sparingly. Not as slow as other bands but Deathkings produce the same type of aura that bands such as Mistress of the Dead, Pilgrim, and even Pallbearer conjure up with their music.This is sludge doom at is absolute very best. This is a very label-worthy release, but even though it is an independent release, the quality of the music you are hearing should tell you the level of passion and professionalism in every member of this band.

I really enjoyed this release and have listened to it time and time again. They definitely can hold their own in stage with anyone playing this or a similar type of music. Definitely check these guys out of you like any of the bands mentioned earlier. I even recommend this to anyone checking out this genre for the first time. It is definitely a great introductory release for first time sludge/doom listeners.

  1. Sol Invictus
  2. The Storm
  3. The Road To Awe
  4. Dakhma

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Jul 18, 2016

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