Dark Design - Prey For The Future

Every once in a while there comes a band that transcends genres and sets a new standard for the bands that will follow. Dark Design are one of those bands. These guys really have their heads on straight and know exactly what they are doing and what they want. Everything is covered in the songs on this cd. From progressive metal all the way to extremely slight elements of black metal (riffing wise) are presented here in a grand fashion. From the very first listen you can tell that very careful consideration in planning and construction went in to this fabulous creation.

I am going to start out with the only thing wrong with this cd. The drum work doesn’t sound very well played on the first track entitled “Dark Design”. To me, it sounds like a jam session rehearsal track at best. It just strikes me as odd and for some reason the timing doesn’t sound right. Even so, it is still a fairly decent track. From then on this cd is an absolute flawless masterpiece. The riffs are played with an undeniable ferocity and have that certain sickening “gritty” feel in certain parts. One thing that grabbed me by the throat was the crystal clear Iron Maiden influence on the riffing in the track “No Death”. It is so blatant it is right in your face. This is not a bad thing in the slightest. In fact, it actually gives this tune a gigantic vault into the stratosphere even though none is needed. The solo work on this cd tends to stay with the power/progressive genre although there are some slight variations in certain tracks. Just the music alone would make for a fantastic instrumental release, but the addition to a very talented vocalist is the icing on the cake for Dark Design. The vocalist tends to have a mid-level vocal range but I have a feeling he could definitely hit some high notes if the situation ever called for it. There is a nice edgy feel to the vocals and this adds a fantastic groove type vibe to the songs. This album has to be heard to be believed. The crowning moment of this cd is the last song which is a cover version of the song “Dust In the Wind”. This is the first time I have heard this song covered and to the best of my knowledge, I do not know of any other band who has covered this song. And, to be honest, I don’t believe any band could top this version. This was an absolutely awesome way to end this cd. I really look forward to future efforts from this band.

Influences here include Dream Theater, Overkill, Realm, Metal Church, Biomechanical, Crimson Glory, Hammerfall, and Iced Earth. So, If you are into any of these bands or similar bands in these genres, then I recommend that you seek out and purchacse this cd without delay. I will even say that even if these genres do not peek your interest and you are more of a death metal type metal head I would still recommend this cd. Anyone who listens to this cd will not be disappointed. And, if you are, then you will be missing out on a fantastic band. These guys have my 100% support!

  1. In Medias Res
  2. Dark Design
  3. No Death
  4. Abiding Contempt
  5. Welcome To You're "DOOM"
  6. Dragonmount
  7. Meditations
  8. Spice World