Damage Source - Raise Hell

Damage Source is a thrash metal band formed 2007 in Cologne, Germany.

Raise Hell
A superb solid slab of THRASH! Basically it hits the spot with dramatic effect. Although not breaking new ground here it is certainly a good slice of riffs with a bouncy rhythm that is typical of thrash but it really packs a punch with charismatic intensity.

The Disease
Manifesting themselves into monster riffs with jabbing rhythms that are simply superb! Although repetitive in the vein of thrash it is a certain repetitive that I can live with and euphoric with it, but adding to the mix extremely catchy and forces the head to move in time to its superb rhythms with gut busting beats and this is what you have here. Great timing with excellent formulaic structures that dives into some great breakdowns.

On Your Knees
Great slanderous bass hooks and powerful hypnotic beats with a constant tempo that swaggers with great metallic ease! The vocals are gruff and blend in fantastically with the music that again is catchy, although it slows temporarily leaving the cranium pondering on what to do next!

Although I think this E.P is superb I do think it is slightly restrained and maybe could ratchet itself up a few notches as I think these guys are capable of higher octane whirling riffs but the E.P overall has some quality moments, on each track but ‘The Disease’ is an amazing piece of chuggery and is extremely captivating! It is all played with an extreme flexibility and shows good professionalism. Not having heard any of the band’s previous tracks I cannot say if this is better than before but it’s certainly thrash through and through weaving its ‘thrashtastic’ moments of inspiration and definitely raises the heart beat with its infectious rhythms.

In fact the three tracks above have sparked an interest and so I am off to check if there is anything else out there from Damage Source could be worth checking out – so thrash or be thrashed! I prefer the first option myself!

  1. Raise Hell
  2. The Disease
  3. On Your Knees

Self released
Reviewer: Pagan Hel
May 8, 2013
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