Daemonlord - Of War And Hate

Latest effort from this Basque black metal horde. Well, it ain't a horde because it only has two members. But these two make some nice black meta. Very fast songs, hellisch vocals and flashy guitars (miss the leads). The songs are fast but have enough melody for not getting drowned. It sometimes is even catchy. Again they made an album that is extreme but accessable.

1. Of War and Hate (intro)
2. Demonic Lord of War
3 The Voice
4. Night's Backbone
5. Driven by Darkness and Sorrow
6. Where Rottenness Dwells
7 In the Middle of Infinity
8. Pure Sorrow and Hate
9. The Era of Satan Rising (cover Thou Art Lord)
10. Descending into the Unknown Abyss (outro)
Ketzer Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009
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