Daemonlord - Godless Prayers

Daemonlord, previously unknown to me entirely, appear to be from Spain and manage to concoct a potent mix of relatively hi-fi Black Metal that would not be out of place on a more mainstream label. But wait now, that was just a first impression and as “A Godless Prayer” gets into itself a little bit more, sucking the listener into its waves, influence of Swedish Death Metal along with some quite capable musicianship. Apparently this is album number four for Daemonlord, and they are likely deserving of some further looks from the heavy metal world at large.

Going by fairly fast, at least by the standards of most Black Metal, “A Godless Prayer” doesn’t even crack the  forty minute mark which while not giving much breathing space is also a saving grace because the album should not be much longer. Daemonlord are not about the symphonic, they are simply about getting in and out and doing so while leaving a riff or three stuck in your brain to ruminate on over lunch. And that, in and of itself, is a unique trait since more and more acts seem to tread the path of Symphonic Black Metal and not so much just Black Metal (of the 4th or so wave, mind you). Again, the influence from the Swedish is evident throughout but not to the detriment of this album.

The only clear detriment, and it is minor, is that for whatever reason on every second or so track there is an audio clipping that, to me at least, sounds like static mixed with popcorn. That could be a watermark, studio trickery, or atmosphere though. Also, the vocals could stand to be mixed a little farther upfront if for no other reason than to clearly hear the croaking, regardless of what is being croaked about. All in all, “Godless Prayers” is a solid release and something that should get a push across the pond.

1. A Breath From The Chasm Within
2. Antarctica
3. A Godless Prayer (Death Means Nothing To Us)
4. Net Of The Doomweavers
5. Cut The Withered Flower
6. Written From The Trenches
7. Train To Nowhere
8. The Decline
9. Storm
10. Sublime Forces Of Nature
Reviewer: twansibon
Apr 20, 2011

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