Cumbeast - Straight Outta Sewer

Hailing from Finland "Straight Outta Sewer" is the fourth full-length release of Cumbeast.

The intro of this CD is a telling foreboring; a pompously screamed “You’re about to witness the strength of the underground!” Feedbacking guitars, but in a very daft buzzing tone, more sounding like a buzzing mosquito. A instant turn off.

It might be meant as a joke, certainly with the bandname “Cumbeast” and songtitels such as 'Bowel Harmonics', 'Vulgar Display Of Genitalia' and 'Septic Zorro' these guys don’t take themselves too seriously. The trouble is their jokes just aren’t funny….

Certainly when compared to other hilarious goregrind songtitels such as Rompeprop’s 'She Licks My Only Ball..' or Fuckshops 'Black Hoe Down'

There are also some attempts at musical jokes, like the bad fake funk and rap passage in the first song 'Guerillaz Of Sickness' but these are also a faux pas.

Musically on the whole Cumbeast sounds a lot like Dying Fetus in the "Killing On Adrenaline" and "Destroy The Opposition" era. And although there are some nice riffs here and there, the production is clear and the guys are rhythmically tight, on the whole it just doesn’t cut through. The tempo’s in the blastbeats are quite often just a tad too slow and just lacking conviction and aggression. The drumfills are idiotically simple and lacking the brilliant frenzy of say Kevin Talley. The sweeps in the guitars lack the intricacy of those of John Gallagher and to top in of the cookie monster versus screaming grunts (also very in Dying Fetus style) quite often just sound like a severe case of bowel indigestion….

So is this CD enjoyable, well yes, but only at a party when serving as background music where everyone is talking and not actually listening to the music, the moment you do the fun is over….

  1. Guerrillaz Of Sickness
  2. Septic Zorro
  3. Leper Beach
  4. Sewer Mongrel
  5. Guttural Jumanji
  6. Intergalactic Intercourse
  7. Bowel Harmonics
  8. Vulgar Display Of Genitalia
  9. Sudden Death Thugs