Cryptic Grave - Cryptic Grave

From Bordeaux, France comes Cryptic Grave and their debut EP “Cryptic Grave” released by Great Dane Records. A trio formed in 2015 they play an old school death metal, with influences of great bands of the 90s, as Death, Pestilence, Morgoth, etc. They have the dark touch of the old albums, the dense and oppressive riffs, with some good melodies, just like the bosses of that time.

This EP is composed by six tracks, 'Through Death's Door' is an acoustic intro with a obscure atmosphere with some dark melodies and the riffs to introduce the next 'Self-Mummified' a dense beginning that follows a part similar to old Death and Pestilence, almost in the end a faster part with solo. 'Sadistic Funeral', again a slow beginning, and after a dynamic death metal comes the main riff in the vein of old Death, like the other, almost in the end a faster part with a solo. 'Vengeance Of Death', after a slow beginning, a thrash/death riff, and a part in the vein of old Pestilence. 'Opened Corpse', a faster track now, of course in the way of old death metal scene and that is good, they have got the touch of those times, the solo of this track is great, in the end a little technical part.

'The Last Hour', an acoustic outro in the same way of the intro, like a soundtrack of a terror film to close a very good debut, the 90s are here, they have the same sound and tenebrous atmosphere, maybe not the best one, but a interesting band. Artwork is a gothic terror picture, nice, they got it.

  1. Through Death's Door (Intro)
  2. Self-Mummified
  3. Sadistic Funeral
  4. Opened Corpse
  5. Vengeance Of Death
  6. The Last Hour (Outro)