Coma - Mindless

For starters here have much to say, the band was founded in Cagliari (Italy) in 2001 where they started doing covers of whom they are influenced, but there much more info in there that refers to members who have changed many times and as a result here we already have a working established and worth appreciating.

Coma, is a very traditional thrash band influenced the old school that reflects very clear here on his debut album, and it a work with the fundamental concept that highlight the songs, but I saw a rhythmically perspective of (incredible bass) in the introduction of the song "Again" and I will not let go because it is creative thrash in it small part and creates an atmosphere of tunes of (intrigue and suspense) appreciably fantastic, and I will give my view on that because I note in they that could potentially make do, and many fans would be amazed if that intrigue and suspense prevailed throughout a new album because they in his traditional thrash will deepen even more and certainly would be a visionary school if persisted in composing at that dose fascinating that is unusual in the metal, and it is feeling that I would appreciate seeing in a future so thoroughly!

But back to the album here we have dynamic guitars with the appropriate feeling of the genre and not just traditional noise but work well loaded riffs with push in full drag in a constant rhythmic thrash with a armament that has a good work for old school fans will be very acceptable, and as I said is an album with various nuances to consider, the singer has a crude thrash tone with great force and energy that gives a prevalent attack, accurate and powerful for me is excellent, and the whole album is inspired by being energetic and give a very motivating work.

To all this I add a sound great and essential of study makes it clear what they wanted to pretend, and that's the old school thrash excellently reflected and reinforced to transmit a work worthwhile.


1. Mindless
2. Full Of Nothing
3. Last Aim
4. Again
5. No Love...
6. ...Only Hate
7. My Venom Inside
8. Under Attack
9. Old Man

Reviewer: twansibon
Mar 11, 2013

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