Cliteater - The Great Southern Clitkill

No frills, no fuckin` around, no bullshit! Cliteater mean business!! I swear, i think these guys dont stop getting heavier!!! The last one was heavy but holy shit this album is a cruncher!!! What you have here is a 17 track album influenced by tongue in cheek humour and gore with super detuned guitars, blastin` drums, subsonic distorted bass and ultra guttural vocals!! Not for the faint hearted i can tell you but bloody hell its good!!!

The songs on this record are very short and very much so straight to the point but each track has a super sucker punch of a groove to it that if your not headbanging to this something is very wrong with you. The Cliteater guys dont waste anytime in pulverising your face in with their blend of crust/death/grind. Its has to be said the production on this record is absolute stunning! The guitars are really detuned whilst maintaining real clarity and mega heavy. The bass is really distorted but is not a fuzzy mess which some bands slip up on. The drums are so natural sounding though i am sure there is a trigger on the bass drums but thats a default these days but what im trying to get at is the drums dont sound like a typewriter which is really not suitable for this type of music.

I cant single out any stand out tracks because its a cd that needs to be heard start to finish to really appreciate the full on onslaught that is Cliteater. I dont think i can say enough nice things about this album other than if you dont own this album by now, you need to go get it. Other than that, easily the best grind album i have heard this year. Miss this at your peril!! Eat Clit and die!!!!!

1. Now I Lay Me Down To Cheat      
2. Crime Scene Cleaner      
3. Daryl Rhea      
4. F.F. (Fuckin' Faggot)      
5. I Hypochondriac      
6. The Great Southern Clitkill      
7. Cellar Dweller      
8. La Bestia      
9. Fred Shipman (A Sick Man)      
10. Saturday Night Beaver      
11. Gruntlichkeit      
12. Glory Hole      
13. In-Diana Jones      
14. Family Ties      
15. Positive Aspects Of Collective Chaos (Part IV)
16. Knoxville Horror Mutilations      
17. BTS (Biomedical Tissue Services)
War Anthem Records
Reviewer: Connor
Nov 14, 2010

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