CD release party Ceremony Of Opposites - LIVE

date: 4 july, 2009
venue: De Pul, Uden (Holland)
picture: Panzer (

De Pul, a venue that gives me good memories from a few months ago when Exodus and Overkill played here. Tonight I’m not here to thrash though, tonight Ceremony of Opposites, a Dutch death metal band will release their new mini-cd, “Seeds of Ressurection”. The supports are Dead in Decadence (whom I’m unfamiliar with) and Demolished, whom I’ve listened a few tracks from on myspace.

When I arrive in time there are a few people waiting, I meet up with my friends from Ceremony of Opposites and head inside. There’s not much crowd yet when I walk inside , I guess about 40 people and a lot of people wear Ceremony of Opposites and Demolished merchandise. Luckily it’s getting more crowded as we’re getting closer to the opener of the night, Dead in Decadence.

Dead in Decadence is a young band; I guess these four lads are about 17-18 years old. They play a melodic style of death metal, the first thing that comes to my mind is a more aggressive version of Children of Bodom, but they have kept out the keyboard parts and this is definitely not a clone. The band has got some nice melodies and riffing going on, but it doesn’t really appeal to me. The band plays very well and I’m especially impressed by the young drummer who does a great job, the lead singer has a good throat, high pitched death metal grunts and he throws in a so-called “pig-squeel” so now and then. The best parts are the double vocal parts though, when the lead-singer and the bass player both vocalise it sounds great. The stage presence isn’t very interesting, every person has its own space on the stage. The audience doesn’t really move to the music, except for two young girls that sing along to most of the songs. Dead in Decadence ends their set with an Arch Enemy and leave me quite impressed. One thing’s certain, these young fellow’s have got talent and they know how to use it.

Next up is Demolished, during the linecheck a lot of people gather before the stage, it’s clear that these Belgians have brought their fanclub with them. It takes a while to linecheck everything, but eventually it succeeded. When the band kicks off it’s clear that they’ve brought their gang, because during the first song the first pit of the evening occurs and hairs are sweeping around. The band delivers us a slab of old school death metal and the audience loves every bit of it. There are some technical problems with the monitors though, luckily these get solved in about two minutes and the band can continue their set.

Demolished also treats us with two covers, both of them are known by every single metalhead, they’re both slayer songs. The first one is South of Heaven, but the second one get’s the best response and something occurs I’ve never seen before. The singer introduces a game, it’s a game involving a baseball, during Reign in Blood the baseball will be thrown into the audience and the person holding the baseball at the end of the song is the winner. When the baseball is in the audience limbs are flying around and we end up having a winner (however people were still struggling when the song had ended). A good and tight show from this band, nothing to special about the music, but who needs that for a great death metal party?

And know it’s time for Ceremony of Opposites to show what they’re made off. When their intro kicks in I’m surprised by the few people in front of the stage. The venue is pretty crowded, but there are only a few people in front of the stage, but back to the band. The band kicks off with the title song from their full-length CD, “Death’s Dominion”, directly giving the audience a taste of some old school death metal, about three people are headbanging and unfortunately the rest of the audience is nodding their heads at most. After this song they announce that they will be playing a new song from their new mini-CD and off course they will play all the other songs throughout the setlist. The band plays tight and has a cool performance, however it’s a shame that it’s hard to hear the lead guitar, everything is audible, the drums, bass, rhythm guitar, vocals… everything except for the lead guitar, this problem is solved for a bit after a few songs, but it’s still hard to hear. The band seems to be having fun though, despite the fact that there’s few people going wild, this band knows how to perform and play.

On one of the songs a guitarist from a French band that Ceremony of Opposites has toured with plays guest guitar, while the lead guitarist now only handles the vocals, this is probably fun for the band and the French guy, but it doesn’t really add anything to the show for the audience I’m afraid. The band also plays this song later on in the set and invites another guest onstage, a chick from some rock band, which leaves us with the following: death metal with vocals that would fit in a rock band… but it doesn’t fit with death metal, it sounds odd and out of place. Don’t get me wrong, she can sing, but for a death metal band, this is not it. After this the band treats us with a cool cover from Iron Maiden, Wasted Years, performed very cool, death metal maiden! Unfortunately after about 3 quarters of an hour in the set ill fate strikes, one of the guitars has broken down, but get’s replaced quickly, unfortunately after this guitar replacement the guitarspeaker doesn’t seem to work properly. And to make it even worse, the monitors break down and the bass speaker also dies out. The band doesn’t stop playing though, but it’s clear that this irritates them and some irritations among the bandmembers are showing to the audience. After a few minutes the problems are solved… well at least for a bit, the sound in the venue is good, but the band has still some problems with the monitors and now we can’t hear the lead guitar at all. At the end of the set they play their song, with an ode to their drummer, who gave away his last show tonight and with their two guests now both performing during the same song and unfortunately the vocals still don’t fit. Short conclusion: Ceremony of Opposites has got the worst luck this show due to technical difficulties but has still managed to pull of a cool release show, unfortunately the crowd didn’t go much wild, but I’ve heard from many people that they have enjoyed themselves, way to go Ceremony of Opposites!