Casket Robbery - Evolution Of Evil

Hailing from Madison, Wisconsin, Casket Robbery unleash upon us their debut full-length entitled “Evolution Of Evil”. Considering that the band has been around for 6 years and this is their first full-length goes to show that these guys are in no rush to put their music out there. They want to make sure it is exactly the way they want it in both construction and performance before unleashing it to the masses. The culmination of those 6 years is an EP, demo, and a single. All of that was in preparation to unleash this massive slab of metallic energy.

While they are labeled as a brutal death metal band, the riffs on this release sound more like those that you would find on the more technical aspect of things. On top of that there is an undeniable “core” element to the delivery in the guitar work. Usually I am not big on bands like this mixing core elements into their music but, for this band, it really works and enhances the material that much more. With a tone that is slightly sludgy and slightly grinding the guitar element here really delivers in both the sincerity and brutality that the death metal genre commands. The production and mixing here is really good too. It is completely 100 percent even throughout the entire CD. My favorite part of this release was the drums. Noting really spectacular here, but it’s just the ferocity and passion with which they are played. Along with that, there is a strong thrash element the the delivery of the drums that mixes in with the “core” element of the guitars that gives the band a sound of their own. Musically they could be compared to a mixture of say, Carnifex and Chelsea Grin with a little Misery Index thrown in to balance things out. The band really has it all here. The only part that I really didn’t care for was the vocals. Don’t get me wrong, it is not totally unlistenable from that aspect, but I just don’t care for the multi-tracked vocals. They tend to get on my nerves after awhile. Still, there are some who really enjoy vocals like that and will eat this release up. To me it creates sort of a vocal “grid-lock” and things kinda get lost for a second. Even though I don’t care for the vocals, I must say that the pattern really fits the music. Perhaps is there was more of a difference in range it might catch on a bit better. Even so, The band recorded things like this for a reason and I highly respect their efforts.

All in all, this was a really good release. Brutal yet melodic in some parts, but true to form from beginning to end. This is a release that should appeal to most fans of the brutal death metal genre. It will be interesting to see how the band grows and evolves on future releases, but even if they don’t stray far from their current sound, I am quite sure they will still have a pretty good following through their career. This was released on Mortal Music, so get in touch with them or the band and be sure to get this release.

  1. Annibelle's Hell
  2. Blood Bathory
  3. Malevolent Milwaukee Massacre
  4. Final Chapter
  5. Undead Living Hell
  6. Pray For Death
  7. Curse Of The Night Stalker
  8. Encroaching Darkness
  9. Cyanide Skies
  10. The Asylum