Carthage - Punic Wars

Relentless and ferocious brutal death metal delivered straight from the birthplace of the Olympian Gods, Democracy and GYROS. Yep... you guessed right. Carthage is a newly formed band in Thessaloniki/Greece, formed by members serving also in Cease Of Breeding and Deuteronomy, expressing their musical endeavors through fierce brutal death metal.

"Punic Wars!" is their first full length released under Amputated Vein records. A concept album (if I am not mistaken) referring to the three major wars between the Roman Empire and Carthage. Music wise they are what I'd call a fine blend of different elements from bands of the genre but distilled in a final product that bares character and personality. You get the ferocity of Hate Eternal and the darkness of good old Morbid Angel. Pinches of Nile here and there and whatever else these bring with them. What comes out of the speakers is shocking.

Itchy guitar riffs, razor sharp and full of edges under a rough and fat guitar sound. Tight and distinct bass guitar following the riffs mostly, but on many occasions carves its own path giving a whole new, different dimension to the ferocity brought by the guitars. The drums are programmed for this one (two members in the band). Really nice touch to the beats although on some points you can understand that they are programmed. Really though, this is not an issue. Not at all. They blend in so well with the rest of the instruments so a minor issue like that is not even a scratch to the entire outcome. The beats vary from typical breath taking hyper blastbeats to super-fast double bass drum themed beats and of course, all that's in between.

Their aim is keeping the extreme meter to the red zone every time and fuck my ass, they are doing that really well. The mix helps a lot to that as it is rough and loud but on the same time, crystal clear and you can hear everything. That's a hard thing to accomplish when playing so fast, but these guys nailed it. Special place for the vocals in the final mix and I couldn't agree more. Brutal death metal growls, out of this world, with a distinct hue and color.

30 minutes of utter savagery from the ravagers of Northern Greece. The album itself has a tremendous flow. One song succeeds the next as if it was written to be done as such. Once the play button is pushed, the vortex it creates will simply drag you inside for 30 minutes. What's great is that you'll find yourselves pushing the play button more than once. A great effort and definitely one of the greatest releases of 2018. Dig in you hogs!


1. Dido's Land
2. The Fields Of Zama
3. Death In Trebia
4. Siege Of Saguntum
5. Crossing The Alps
6. On The Lake Of Trasimine
7. The Battlefield Of Cannae
8. Hasdrubal
9. An Attrition Warfare
10. Carthago Delenta Est