Cannibe – Beast From Zhytomyr

I have always said that 99% of grindcore is shit the other 1% on the other hand is pure brilliance. When done right grindcore is amazing. When a band finds that balance of chaos and the type of precision that only a swiss watch maker can relate to that’s when grindcore is done right. For example Pig destroyer, Narcosis or the obvious choices of early Napalm Death and Brutal Truth.

The misconception many have of Grind is that it’s noise for the sake of it, that it is just chaos. What’s worse is when bands think it and try to play it. I’m not saying Cannibe don’t take the genre seriously but they have delivered a perfect example of what happens when grind goes wrong.

I have no pleasure in writing bad reviews but I also had no pleasure in listening to this either (perhaps I missed the point!) What is most important with grindcore is that if you are going to have (for arguments sake) a 30 minute album which consists of short 30 seconds to 2 minute blasts of extremity they at least have to flow together to make a whole. This album just stops and starts you have some shredding over a drum machine and then it breaks into a slow groove before abruptly ending before going through the process again with the odd sample thrown in. The vocals are just long growls that fade into the backgrounds with no lyrics and after a while sound like a kid sucking a straw in a near empty cup. At best this sounds like a tape of guitar riffs that a guitarist sends a band mate before they start writing.

This is quite possibly the worst album I have ever heard. It’s just horrible, I do my best to focus on the positive and at least look for some redeeming features but unfortunately this album has none.  It’s not even worth finishing the rev…

  1. Intro
  2. The Terminator
  3. Noise #1
  4. Barbaric Massacre
  5. The Beast
  6. Schizophrenic
  7. Noise #2
  8. Bloody Hatchet
  9. Murdered Family
  10. Corpses In Flames
  11. Intro
  12. Killed By Gunfire
  13. Noise #3
  14. Hunting For Humans
  15. Calibro 112
  16. Women Raped
  17. Noise #4
  18. Grains Of Sand Destroyed
  19. In Cold Blood