Cancerous Womb – It Came To This

Hailing from Edinburgh, this Scottish four piece with present and past members of Corrupt Moral Altar, Black Talon and Revokation plays death metal with a grindy edge. They’ve recently done a lot of bigger gigs (Obscene Extreme, Deathfeast Open Air)

This four track EP is their fourth release, in the past they’ve released an full length album, another EP and a split CD with Colonel Blast, Magpyes, Dyscaphia and Diascorum.

Overal production is good, bright sounding and quite clear. Both in their riffs and in their drum patterns I hear influences of Cryptopsy and The Dillinger Escape Plan.

The first song 'The Shrieking Of Idiots' (brilliant title by the way) kicks of with a Deicide like groovy riff, but then goes on with several cool black metal inspired riffs, an later on also features some more Cyptopsy inspired riffs. Cool track!

Next up is 'Formles' and the title says it all, this isn’t really a composition, but more a goofy schizoid short chaotic jam session of a bunch of autistic hyperactive musicians. Besides the "normal" instruments there are also 2 saxophones present in this track, but the produces random noise, just like the other instruments. All in all this "song" is rather senseless. I guess the guys of Cancerous Womb wanted to make a statement here, but I fear this has been done before and has long lost it’s impact.

The third song 'Isolated Frenzy' is based upon a chaotic riff, this track is sometimes a bit sloppy in its timing, especially, the song is certainly frenzied with it’s waterfall of notes and hyperblast, but unfortunately lacks good hooks.

The last song 'When All Is Said And Done' has a very rock driving main riff, and some cool breakdowns, catchy hooks and over the top grind vocals.

All in all, Cancerous Womb do know how to write song, but aren’t always consistent in their quality, which is unfortunate, the first and last song of this EP are brilliant, the third is a bit so, so and the 2nd not really a song.

So being a four track EP with only two really good songs I’d say 3 out of 5.


  1. The Shrieking of Idiots
  2. Formless
  3. Isolation Frenz
  4. When All Is Said And Done (cover Napalm Death)

Reviewer: N.Ottink
Sep 9, 2016

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