Caliga - Circle Of Darkness

From Pittsburgh, Pennsylavnia comes Caliga. These 4 guys (they are searching for a drummer these days) recorded their first EP called "Circle Of Darkness". Seven tracks of thrashy and melodic death metal. Vocals are raw soars but he also does emotional singing in "Questions Arise". Tempo of the tunes is up tempo with breaks to faster parts with the dual guitars for the melodic parts. The riffs are on the safe side and there are no flameable leads at all. The band is playing on the safe side the whole time as they are trying to find their own way. Caliga has made the first step with this EP and now have to develop into a band that is not afraid to do something different.
Complete release can be downloaded from the Gomek Records site. These downloads include MP3 and art.

1. Destroy Me
2. Crash and Burn
3. Questions Arise
4. Circle of Dark
5. Death or Poverty
6. Monarch
7. Empowerment
Gomek Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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