Cadaveric Crematorium - Grindpeace

Total death-grind/gore-grind from Italy. One word to sum up this album - BRUTAL!

But do not expect a ton of mindless blast beats with nothing more here. "Grindpeace" presents a very technical approach with a great mix of styles and is filled with indepth diversity. The tracks are catchy (in a deathgrind gore way) and show great musicianship and talent. This is a very well thought out album. The downfall here is that the production is low level which kinda hurts the album for the bass gets lost in the chaos and at times the guitars are faded/drowned out where the sound could have been alittle more intense and sharp. I love the originality and it's bizarre complexity but find this album could have been shorter though. It is worth checking out and taking all into consideration I give it a rating of 2/5.

1. Intro

2. Necropolis Part 1 (Living in A Fish Ball) 

3. Quad Damage 

4. Nessun Muoia 

5. B.B.Q.
6. Big Show 

7. Matando El Torero 

8. The Butcher - Part 1 

9. Non Piangere (Don't Cry) 

10. Human Butcher and the Living Dead (Chapter 2) 

11. Rutta Che Ti Passa 

12. Subunderground (Benighted and Mocked) 

13. Grindpeace 

14. Outro
Punishment 18 Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 25, 2009

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