Cadaver Putrefacto - Ritual De Exsanguinación

Directly from Buenos Aires, Argentina, here comes these Cadaver Putrefacto that with this "Ritual De Exsanguinación" reach the second official full length after "La Maldiciòn Del Zombi Errante" released in 2017. Band active since 2000 but only since 2016 can they be recorded their first activities between demo and EP.

This latest work is presented in pure old school death metal style, divided into 10 chapters that will certainly make fans of the genre happy. Certainly fans of horror and gore themes, Cadaver Putrefacto submit us a monolithic and very heavy album both in terms of themes and songwriting. Rhythms and sulphurous rhythms with a truly powerful and cavernous voice. The rhythm section is always present, ready to balance each song and make it perfect as a whole. Since the intro 'Prelude Of Horror' the feeling that hovers in the air is that of waking up in a parallel world surrounded by the worst nightmares on earth. Gore, perversion... horrific visions...

Definitely very good and interesting album from all points of view. To mention, to seal this work, the cover of 'Season In The Abyss' by Slayer. Here is everything we can want. Buy this album or listen to it anyway!

4 / 5 STARS 


1. Preludio Del Horror
2. La Última Masacre
3. Jornada Brutal
4. Putrefacción Perpetua
5. Sanguinaria Represalia
6. Suprema Castración
7. Violenta Furia Irracional
8. Necrofobia
9. Ritual De Exsanguinación