C-T Prevail - Mean Season

The founding member of this Norwegian band is Hansi Brosstad who is the live guitarist for Gorelord. In 2000 the band was formed and after playing some live shows they recorded their first material and released it as an EP named "The Remains Of The Fire".

Here in March 2008 C-T Prevail releases its debut full length for the label Morningstar with 14 tracks. The label describes them as a blend of brutal metal, thrash and hardcore. Well, I don't agree and I would call it just metalcore. The lyrics are sung with aggression but on the same level and lack of variation make it annoying after a couple of songs. Tempo of the songs are in the steady mid tempo with some accelerations but cannot find any thrash. Also the guitars lack of inspiration and this is with the whole album. There is nothing that gets me the goosebumps, not even in track 11.

1. Ambivalence
2. Enrage
3. Relieved
4. Pure But Wasted
5. Listen
6. In Turn
7. Dance With The Devil
8. Bastard
9. Day Of Reckoning
10. Nice
11. Goosebumps
12. Yesterday's Song
13. Untitled
14. Heaven Or Hell
Morningstar Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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