C.O.A.G. - Sociopath

Oh - FUCK. It's like a fistfuck in my ears! The sound.the drums.the guitars.the voice..fuck! Wow!

First sounds and I immediately ask me: "Whats this? Whats the name of the band? Where do they come from?"

But slowly, step by step.

The band is called C.O.A.G. <<Coalition of abnormal grinders>> from Bulgaria and the title of the album "Sociopath", released in October 2013 by "Kaotoxin Records". 15 songs, 15:25 min. mu-sick! And what do my sick eyes see? This is a fucking one-man-band, that makes C.O.A.G. more interesting and impressive. I never heard a one-man-band with such sound and power before.

The band name says it all, Grindcore as it should be and more. Grindcore like one never heard before. No unnecessary samples. Directly at the Grind-point at all times.

From start to finish you get the full Grindcore-board. Here and there certainly influenced by bands such as Napalm Death but more aggressive and powerfull than Napalm Death could ever be.

The first song starts directly with a fat guitar to set the mood after a few seconds in a total massacre of really fast and heavy Grindcore. This song sets the bar as it should go further.

A feeling as if the band wants to put everything in ruins overcomes me. Always varied and not boring at any second. Again and again something huge is around the corner. So many ideas, and this in songs which are in the middle 1:01 min and without tracknames. The songs were simply numbered. So it is not surprising that I don't have lyrics and everything, what I understand are scraps like "Oh Shit" and so on. This isn't new but I think this underlines the destructive thoughts.

Ok, so far so good. Many bands have fat sound, great guitars, really fast drums and varied songs. This is nothing special, if there were not the subtle difference. The voice!

This man growls and screams as if he was pissed off by the whole world and it is believed with every note of this fucking voice. Don't hear this album if you are at risk of running amok. Because after hearing this album you will run amok!

All in all it isn't technical Grindcore but really varied and extreme aggressiv and one never heard such a voice. For me - one of the best Grindcore releases of 2013. It's a little bit sad that the album is so short and that I'll never see C.O.A.G. live cause this is a one-man-band but for the moment I can start the album again. Anyway, this band is a real insider tip and should be tested.

1. I
2. II
3. III
4. IV
5. V
6. VI
7. VII
9. IX
10. X
11. XI
12. XII
13. XIII
14. XIV
15. Defaetist (cover Hatebreed)

Reviewer: Rolf
Dec 8, 2013

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