Broozer - 12x.04x12

This is Australian sludge that sounds like it’s based in the southern states of the US. It sounds promising already, but it’s not without its quirks and little additions that are included along the way that shows a band ultimately unafraid to add other elements to their sound.

‘Feeder’ for me has a slight musical Kylesa and Pantera hybrid sound, the first comparison based on the feel, the second due to the groove aspect. Along the way some would probably term them prog/jazzy sections crop up and make their presence felt. This tends to keep you awake, not in a bad way, but it shows a band trying something different rather than going completely groove, agro, sludgy, to stoner, yeah I know, I get all the labels in right. As the album progresses this actually becomes one of the better traits, you cannot pin this band down and nor would you want too. There are a fair few influences for sure, it makes this release interesting and yet mildly diverse to the downright dirty as you hear on the track ‘Sanctuary’.

‘Bland’ is far from such a descriptor from the opening notes, there some pinch and artificial harmonics to buzz your hearing, then the groove riff begins that will appeal to fans of Kylesa, its very similar in fact, maybe even Black Tusk , hey, you get the picture like the twin city of Savannah, Georgia in the US. The vocals are of course harsher, especially into ‘Vomisa’, a little shouty. But then, the band show a little bit of mellowness, with a funky bass and guitar section before unleashing another monster of riffs devouring your ears.

Play this release on a real stereo rather than a pc, laptop or mp3 player etc, then you will appreciate the sonic abuse that these Aussies can produce, especially on ‘Bird In a Cage’ and the closer ‘Bulac’ which is an amazing tune to sink your teeth into. The album is varied; it has its roots in sludge but it has a few other bouts of anger splattered across other parts of the release. Broozer are an enticing prospect that sounds filthy, extreme and sporadic which is meant as a positive accolade.

  1. Feeder
  2. Sanctuary
  3. Bland
  4. Vomisa
  5. Coma
  6. Bird in a Cage
  7. Bulac