Blut Aus Nord - Cosmosophy

Blut Aus Nord continue their '777' series with a new addition to the group: 'Cosmosophy.' Being a band known not to fall into tradition, this album again redefines Blut Aus Nord's standards as being avant-garde Black Metal. Although the album is only 5 tracks, many stretch past the eight minute mark, making this a collection of epics to enjoy. Fans might be surprised to hear that even though the musical atmosphere is as dismal and twisted as ever, the typical elements of Black Metal are pretty much gone. Those who are used to early era works like 'Mystical Beast Of Rebellion' are going to be sorely disappointed that this album doesn't 'charge forth.' Instead, it wades, crawling at a leisurely pace that is haunting and yet still engaging, rather than being boringly slow like epic Doom Metal. The opening "XIV" features a slow, repetitive rhythm highly distorted and mystical- long, churning chords that cover faint singing, not screaming. Listeners can definitely hear some Deathspell Omega elements mixed in with the back and forth moments between fast and melodic, but overall this is definitely a nice hybrid of the sound heard on 'The Works Which Transform God'- considered Blut Aus Nord's 'defining moment'- and a more haphazard album like 'Mort.' "XV" stands out as a complete anomaly as there is spoken vocals, industrial beats, and overall a completely new structure that Blut Aus Nord has never done before. Hardcore Black Metal fans will hate it, but it is a great nod towards the experimental tendencies that defined Blut Aus Nord ever since 'Mystical Beast.'

Other standout tracks include the Doom influenced "XVI." This sounds like a perfect Doom Metal track instrumental from Draconian but without the vocals. It is slow, sorrowful, and builds up upon itself towards the end, starting out slow and getting louder over time. It is also one of the few tracks that actually features any 'snarling' vocals that are heard on a Black Metal album, and even these are distorted to be abnormal compared to the average shriek. The closing  "XVIII" is a bit repetitive but blends the heavy, industrial atmosphere heard on "XV" with the chaotic typical Blut Aus Nord sound and presents an epic that is just excellent. The outro part is a bit boring due to just the looping synth playing over and over, but considering this is 'Cosmosophy,' having a bit of a sci fi bit- no matter how cheesy- is a nice touch for the album overall.


1. Epitome XIV
2. Epitome XV
3. Epitome XVI
4. Epitome XVII
5. Epitome XVIII