Bloodstrike - In Death We Rot

This Colorado based band has a lot to offer here to the death metal scene. They’ve been around since 2013 and have a demo out, this one is their first full-length. They have a female vocalist, too. I’m always thrilled when there’s a newer death metal band out.

The act is another classic death metal band with not very fast guitar bits. They have a cool vibe to them, rather catchy. You wouldn’t believe the female vocals sound very much like a male vocalist. Deep throat. The riffs are catchy, a lot of downpicking and drums with clinging double bass kicks. Their music seems pretty original to me. Check out songs like “Abomination” and “Cancer Among Man”, though I like all of their songs. Very catchy music. An atmospheric phase of blasphemy amongst your eardrums. But again, they’re not overtly fast though they have small segments of double kick frenzies. The vocals match the music perfectly and the music matches the vocals.

Production-wise, these guys had a sort of a raw sound to it. But it fit well with the music. I wouldn’t change any of what they did when they recorded this.

My overall impression of the band is that they’re a fine act that needs more exposure. They need to be out there in the metal community to show how unique they are. They’re not just your typical death metal band. They have a lot to offer the listener.

I liked them so much I ordered their CD. And you should too! This band is simply awesome!!

  1. Abomination
  2. Putrified Rapist
  3. In Death We Rot
  4. Cancer Among Men
  5. Death Storm
  6. Maggots for a Whore
  7. Bells of Death
  8. Bloodrotten
  9. S.S.B. (Sex, Satan, Beer)
  10. Silent Killer
  11. Soulless (cover Grave)