Blood Red Throne - Union Of Flesh And Machine

Blood Red Throne are an old school, brutal death metal band that formed in 1998 by guitarist Død who started his musical career in the legendary Norwegian black metal band Satyricon. Now they have released their eighth album entitled "Union Of Flesh And Machine".

There is no mistaking the brutality from Norwegian band Blood Red Throne you can see the hatred imprinted on their faces and from the very start of their album it takes us on a blood thirsty encounter. The guitars take on an extravaganza of malignancy while the drums beat their way forward in a frenzy of paralysing double bass attack, that and a startling snarling vocal regime mean that BRT mean business! 'Proselyte Virus' transports us on a Viking rampage of sorts – the music feasts on its fast pace and whips up a rumpus that paints pictures of a very sweaty mosh pit indeed. 'Patriotic Hatred' begins with a cold and unwelcoming vocal that breeds contempt. The harshness surrounding it is vicious, seething in a great mix of vehemence and malice! 'Homicidal Ecstasy' turns a corner where you find yourself lapsing into a state of shock as the bold strides of virulent temptation are all encompassing and volatile one could even say gut-wrenching! 'Martyrized' is defiant and reveals a startling backdrop of provocation and that is just within the vocals that breed utter insanity! The music is blistering with an injection of toxicity and has the guitars screaming in their own agony. 'Union Of Flesh And Machine' the title track of this mammoth album holds jagged guitar riffs and thunderous blast beats. A track to ‘flip your lid to’ no mistake! The irritable and antagonising riffs plough on and infect everything in its wake. It shoots from the hip and spews out vengeance!

'Legacy Of Greed' begins with the most blood curdling scream ever and then rampages with an influx of seething riffs sitting on a hazy smoke screen of malignant beats, curdling milk at 90 paces! 'Exposed Mutation' lights the way with rousing and brooding rhythms that take control early on. It stirs up a cruelly spiked cadence which festers with compelling and lurid curiosity. 'Primal Recoil' has its twists and turns but never recoils from its goal. The flavour of the track is inspiring and forthright, tempting even, with its initial spark and high pitched screams melting into rabid low toned growls which attack with virulence. 'Leather Rebel' (cover Judas Priest) isn’t really a track you would expect a death metal band to cover although sung with malice from BRT is highly delightful and magnetic, so much so it sounds anything like Priest, bar the uplifting riffs that Priest are well known for. The screams are torrential and contagious! 'Mary whispers Of Death' is a thunderous coaxing of brutish rhythms that never leaves its roots for a second.

From the start to the very end of this album you can be sure of bristling toxicity that never abandons its mighty structures and goes on delivering and rewarding us with the highest calibre of death metal known to man and beast!

Turn it up to 11 and feel your skull splinter into a thousand pieces!

  1. Revocation Of Humankind
  2. Proselyte Virus
  3. Patriotic Hatred
  4. Homicidal Ecstasy
  5. Martyrized
  6. Union Of Flesh & Machine
  7. Legacy Of Greed
  8. Exposed Mutation
  9. Primal Recoil
  10. Leather Rebel (cover Judas Priest)
  11. Mary Whispers Of Death