Bleeding Fist - Macabrum Bestia Ex Abyss

Moribund never disappoint when it come out to putting out brutal primitive black metal. From eastern hellhole of Slovenia comes Bleeding Fist. The band was spawned in 2005 to spread desecration, blasphemy and hate. This is also my first hear this black metal commando unit. I love the raw, brutal primitive sound this band puts out. You don't hear fancy keyboards or etheral female vocals. This is the real deal. Their music is a brutal as the eastern front. As a bonus they recorded the song "Messiah" of Hellhammer and it features Andy Panigada (Bulldozer) on guitars. I can't wait to hear their next full length.

1. Macabrum Bestia Ex Abyss
2. Invocation Into Devils Flesh
3. Defender Of Satan's Honor
4. Leading Hell
5. And Devour It, The Light
6. Messiah (cover Hellhammer)

Moribund Records
Reviewer: Paul Lewis
Apr 6, 2010

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