Blasphemer – Lust Of The Goat

Last year I wrote a review for Blasphemer’s self-titled debut album which you can find here on this site. I said how the band reworked and rerecorded songs from unearthed demos which the band put out from 1992-1005 it was like finding an album from the golden age of death metal that was never released. Like it had been kept in a vault.

"Lust Of The Goat" expands on that first album. Here we have one rerecorded song, one slightly reworked and everything else is brand new. If the band where getting reacquainted and flexing their muscles on the previous album then this album sees them as a well-oiled fully functioning machine and are firing from all cylinders.

Everything on the first album is here but they have upped the ante in all areas. The solos are more melodic, the riffs are thought out and memorable. The hooks are catchier and the album is even heavier. It has a dark atmosphere and captures that classic british death metal sound. The dreary eternal night-time of drizzly winters, the shit-hole venues with sticky carpets and the joy found head banging in them brings.

The opening title track sums everything up with its fast frantic riffage and its use of groove. The band know to let their music breathe. They even add a small bit of keyboard towards the end just to add emphasis to the ending section and the simple finishing touch goes a long way. 'Childcatcher' starts off with a sinister riff and feels like vintage carcass with its melodic thrashing riffs. 'Corpse River' is a slow punishing doom laden number with a Slayer style solo. Speaking of solos the simple but so effective twin lead leading to the climax on 'Command To Kill' is stunning and speaking of Slayer 'Ratlines' sounds practically like a cover but we’ll let that slide! Closer 'Nazarene' is a bit of an epic which paces nicely between fast and slower sections but has this great slow section with some clean guitars and builds to an intense climax.

Its 8 perfectly constructed pieces of death metal without an ounce of fat on them. There’s no fucking about on this album. The band just do what they set out to do. There’s no wheel being reinvented nor is it needed. This is a classic recipe perfectly executed.

Go out and pick this up and get the other while you’re at it the two albums complement each other perfectly. There’s no point in having just one. I wholeheartedly say if these two albums where released in the early 90’s they would be out on Earache Records and I would be actually reviewing the reissues right now!

1. Lust Of The Goat
2. Child Catcher
3. Corpse River
4. Suicidal Execution
5. Command To Kill
6. Ratlines
7. The Scythe
8. Nazarene