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Bitterness is a German thrash band with a capital T. Formed in 2001 by remaining members of the band Steel Tormentor. In their history they released several item including self financed  "Dawn Of Golden Blood", "Sweet Suicide Solutions" and "Eve Of Destruction". They also played several festivals (i.e. Devil Days Open Air and Bringer Of Death Fest) and a lot of club shows (opened for Belphegor, DRI or Napalm Death). In May 2005 their first full length "Autumns Fall" was released and four years late (also in May) the follow up was released on G.U.C. again.

Like I said in the beginning Bitterness plays thrash with a capital T. Maybe it is not all original but it thrashes. The opening track "Suicide Squad" has a bombastic double bass drum intro which shows a death metal touch. But te song continues as a real German thrash stampede. Chorus that is a real shout along (just the title of the song) and after a mixed in sample (Full Metal Jacket) the guitar pours out a lead. The second track "The Darkening" is not so fast as the opener but still has the fast parts. When you listen onwards the album you notice that they are not just a thrash band but they add touches of death and black to make it more aggressive. Because that is what it is, pure aggression in songs that have enough variation to keep you entertained. And this is a nice album it is a pity that they use Bitterness as a monniker because it doesn't taste bitter at all!

1. Suicide Squad
2. The Darkening
3. Down In Flames
4. Dehumanized
5. The Human Resource Derangement
6. Symbiosis In Death
7. Genociety
8. Bone Daddy

Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 3, 2010

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