Beyond Creation - The Aura

Beyond Creation are a prog/tech Death Metal band from Montreal, Canada and have been around since 2005. This is their 2nd release after a demo in 2010. The band line-up like this, Dominic “Forest” Lapointe- bass, Guyot Begin-Benoit- drums, Simone Girard- vocals and guitar and Kevin Chartre- guitar.

This is a genre I know absolutely nothing about I am more brutal/slam kinda Death Metal man but I was asked to review it and that’s what I did!! You get 10 tracks on this release varying from 2 mins. to over 11 mins. In length and brings this baby to over 50 minutes long, good value!! Well what do you get? You get exceptionally well played DM, sometimes a little bit too twiddly for me but a minor criticism. All 10 tracks are extremely well played, you can see why they are a technical DM band as it sums them up very nicely!! This release rolls on at a good pace and boasts some class guitar work on it. The vocals are a mix of deep and raspy somewhat BM sounding ones, and bass and drums do a solid job too. The best tracks for me were “Coexistence” for the many different changes in one song!! And “The Deported”.

The band all pull together really well and you can tell they are all extremely competent on their chosen instrument, each song have some terrific riffs with the guitars slowing down and speeding up but always good.  The last track “The Deported” is an epic track at over 11mins but the way the guitars change throughout never lets it feel as if its too long and it goes past in a blink, for me that’s a positive as I don’t as a rule like long tracks. With this release being a mix of shortish tracks and epic style long tracks it really lets the band play at their peak, you get a mix of haunting mellow guitars and heavy as fuck thrashy ones too! Check out the short track “Chromatic Horizon” to see what I mean.! Going by what I have found out about this band they are of a similar ilk to fellow Canucks Augury,must check them out too!!

Well what can I say about this release? It’s probably too well played for me, if that can be any sort of criticism! Too technical for a brutal/slam man like myself but I do recommend it all the same as I did enjoy it and it is a very interesting release. I would certainly check them out again.

  1. No Request For The Corrupted
  2. Coexistence
  3. Chromatic Horizon
  4. Omnipresent Perception
  5. Injustice Revealed
  6. Le Détenteur
  7. The Aura
  8. Social Disability
  9. Elevation Path
  10. The Deported

PRC Music
Reviewer: donnieaural
Sep 4, 2011

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