Beast Within The Sound - Propulsion Of War

Beast Within The Sound is a band from Prague, Czech Republic, that play groove thrash metal with some influences although within that mix of influences they have got their own style.

Started in 2008, they released their debut album in 2013 named "Eternal Conflict". And now in 2018 there is their second work, an EP "Propulsion Of War" released on l'Inphantile Collective. I have to say that there is also an album from this year called "…And Viceversa", maybe the name most known of this band is Jirca Zajic, drummer of bands Ahumado Granujo, Heaving Earth, Ingrowing, Nex Carnis, Uprise and ex-drummer of many others and styles.

Well, let's talk about this EP. It starts with 'Propulsion Of War', a melodic beginning that combine with some modern rhythms and a powerful riff, reminiscent of Testament less the part of vocals. More combative here, after that, a good solo, also riff remind me of Pantera, as many modern thrash acts.

'We Are Humans' (with an intro similar to Anthrax) hs strong vocals and with so much wrath in speed metal style. After this a slow Slayer styled part and maybe some of NY hardcore scene.

'Smelly World', after a war intro, is a song in the vein of Kreator (of last years) beginning even in vocals part, less the voice. Melodic tremolo, with hard drums, very good final, with a blast beats in some parts.

'Ignite The Bridges', after a beginning in the vein of Pantera, it follows with a similar to Kreator part, mixing both bands and the part of solo reminds Metallica. The last song on this EP is a cover of The Exploited called 'Sea Of Blood', a speed race of hate. Not many differences between the original and this cover, voice and sound only differs.

Here is a good example of modern thrash with influences of the fathers of this style. In the vein of Hatesphere, or other similar bands. Very good production and good musicians. I think they are ready for touring either on festivals or opening for the bigger bands. They have a high energy for a nice show.


1. Propulsion Of War
2. We Are Humans
3. Smelly World
4. Ignite The Bridges
5. Sea Of Blood (cover The Exploided)