Bear Mace - Butchering The Colossus

This Chicago based band spews out old school death metal with lyrical concepts on war, death and of course bears. Personally, I like this style of theirs, not that I’m biased though. It just has an old school death metal vibe to it.

The music is what has got me hooked. The guitars are thick/heavy sounding like they’re tuned down (if you’re a guitar player), the tempos are slow, but groove laden. I really like the aura of the whole release. It’s laid back, but HEAVY. The vocals go good with the music, the lyrics are also very suitable for this style of metal that they play. Other bands that relate to them would probably be a slower form of Suffocation, but not entirely. They have this aura or sense about them that you can play them over and over and literally not get sick of hearing them. That is, unless you’re taking a mini break from music. But everything seems right here. The guitars are unique and the solos aren’t blindingly fast, but a good portion of the songs are thick and downright brutal. They sound like an atypical death metal band because they’re not borrowing music from anyone else nor are they just a band that puts out music that they want to put out. They’ve really pulled music together that will blow out your speakers, not to mention your eardrums, too.

Production-wise everything was mixed in OK, the guitars didn’t drown out the vocals, the drums you could hear everything going on, the bass maybe to a moderate degree and the quality was definitely there.

Overall, I loved this album. And the whole way through. There was nothing about it that I didn’t like. I thought everything was well constructed and musically progressive. They seem like a band that’s going to grow in time, their name just needs to get out there more.

This is the digital age, but still, support the band and buy the CD. It’s definitely worth it and I hope that this review convinces you enough to buy their album!

  1. Death of a Constellation
  2. Cyclone of Shrapnel
  3. I Bleed for Vengeance
  4. Butchering the Colossus
  5. Leave Nothing Here Alive
  6. Lord Devourer of the Dead
  7. Wheel of Despair
  8. Anguirus the Destroyer

Self released
Reviewer: Death8699
Jun 3, 2017
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