Barastir - Under The Banner Of Hate

"Under the Banner Of Hate" is a 4 track MCD performed by this German 2-man-band outfit, which I might consider that this band was meant to be a side project considering that the drummer/guitarist/bassist (yes one musician, besides the vocalist) is also involved with established acts like Odal,  Seelengrief, Wolfsschrei and Isenheim!

Barastir performs extreme and very fast old school black metal straight to your face without any remorse. However apart from speed, other tempo variations are nevertheless present. The only exception may be about the guitar sound…although being fuzzy it sounds very muffled and a bit ‘bassy’. Despite the merciless punch of Black Metal, melancholy is also enhanced through the performance of guitars and tempo changes. The tortured vocal style also plays a role in enhancing this kinda melancholic-enigmatic sensation.

The last track however is quite a combination of Thrash/Punk meeting Fuzzy Black Metal, which is quite unexpected. Barastir is a good project however the band lacks quite a little bit of musical tightness here and there, and strangely enough, this happens not during their speedy moments, but during the mid-tempo parts!

Overall this MCD has quite an interesting sound. I wouldn’t exclude that this is a ‘professional garage recording’ (??) and if it’s so…this is quite a nice unusual sound knowing that the instruments sound overall clear!

Finally, and to conclude here, ‘Under the Banner of Hate’ is not a bad release at all but nothing outstanding either (at least better than some other albums I've encountered for sure) but irregardless of this - the tunes have something catchy for the ear… perhaps the sound… boh dunno!

1. Under The Banner Of Hate
2. Dead Christ
3. Built To Last Forever
4. Christ Scum

Black Devastation Records
Reviewer: Jo
Dec 29, 2009

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