Banished From Inferno - Minotaur

Spawned from the abyss of Galicia, Spain, Banished From Inferno proves on their debut album 'Minotaur' why they were 'banished' in the first place. Most ears cannot handle this kind of ferocity within Death Metal.  Sounding like a marriage between God Dethroned and Dead To This World, there is a certain upbeat tone to the music that makes it more rhythmic than downright dark and depressing- especially when considering the title track which feels almost like it takes cues from a Death n' roll rhythm created by Six Feet Under on their cover albums. While moments like these are not as typical as some might expect, it helps add variation to the album so by the third track a person cannot shut the disc off and say they've heard the entire thing. In fact, the opening track will have listeners glued to their seat as it opens with a dark, almost Melo-death sounding guitar and poetic, spoken word formats that makes the album sound like it will be a grand Death Metal opera or poem... something of epic proportion.

Of course once "Purgatory Drains" hits the ear, all notion of that is gone. With a heavy amount of blast beats, non stop drumming in conjunction with the guitars and the vocals just spewing on and on in their brutal fashion, traditional Death Metal fans should feel right at home- even if the vocals aren't quite as 'cookie monster' as they would have hoped. The 'Lengian Chronicles' were a hopeful resurrection towards the idea of epic or concept music, but between both tracks the band keeps the music pretty much the same rather than vary it up and do something that creatively stands out. Like many of the other tracks, it sounds like something that would come out of mid-era God Dethroned work. The closing track is solid, though. Bringing in keyboards and almost a Doom laden atmosphere, the band chooses to go out on an epic note in "Sorrows Of The Earth," a title that reflects its tone. Altogether, this collection should appeal to most hybrid Black and Death Metal fans and even Melo-death fans with its excellent collection of rhythms, ferocious tone, and sinister lyrical quality.

  1. The Infernal Swamps (Alastor Feeding)
  2. Heading To The Sinister
  3. Purgatory Drains
  4. Praise The Rotten Dead
  5. Fall Eternal (The Lengian Chronicles, ch. I)
  6. Minotaur
  7. Dead Incest (Rape Of Death)
  8. Twilight Grotesque (The Lengian Chronicles, ch. II)
  9. Sorrows Of The Earth