Bahrrecht - Nuit De Neige

'Nuit De Neige' is France Black Metal outfit Bahrrecht's first full length debut. Combining the elements of Folk Metal and harsh, winter Black Metal, from Darkthrone to even the likes of Vinterriket, the album is quite ferocious, but not always in the best ways. Production-wise, the music is a bit faded, with the vocals snarling in the front and the guitars and drums in the back, usually in monotone however (especially with the drums). "My Last Sunrise" features a bit more melody and rhythm as opposed to just a winter storm assault of riffs like the opening track includes, but the drums are still such a blur that they still feel like they're a bit too much on autopilot. On "Ode a Undredal" one can hear some Immortal influences with how the guitars have slowed down quite a bit and just carry on a decent, followable rhythm, sounding more and more like wintery Black Metal that one is able to enjoy as opposed to getting completely swept up in. As far as the most melodically adept track goes, that would go to "I Was Born" which ignores all the tremolo picking and even lets the drums vary up their rhythms a bit, pausing every now and then for the guitars to just hang there before putting in some single picked string sections that will appeal to fans of extremely early Agalloch. All that is missing is the clean vocals.

The other part of the album is where the softer Folk elements come in. These bits are brief, but much needed pauses for listeners who feel that Bahrrecht's is a bit too much. "Eisenfaust" is a haunting synth number that certainly provides the proper atmosphere. "Les Trois" is more of a Viking funeral hymn, sounding still very simple but at least not staying in the same note as the other instrumental. Fans of very early Mortiis will find this incredibly appealing, and perhaps much more dynamic if the band had merged sections like these into the heavier Black Metal elements of their other songs. While 'Nuit De Neige' may feel like it comes on a bit too strongly and swiftly, the chilling, brutal atmosphere certainly gives the fans what they want without being overly Satanic or Anti-Christian and instead being a bit more poetic than the average Black Metal band. True, most of the songs literally sound and feel like winter with how harsh the music is, but one can certainly appreciate the throaty snarl of the vocals all the way through which never seem to waver, serving as a guide through forty minutes of icy Hell.

  1. Nuit De Neige
  2. The Sign Of Bahrrecht Lotharingen Black
  3. My Last Sunrise
  4. Ode a Undredal
  5. Eizenfaust
  6. Towards The Unconquerable Platforms Built By Wind
  7. Frozen By Demonice
  8. Sous une Pluie d'Etoiles
  9. Trois Sources
  10. I Was Born