Baby Stab Horror - In The Name Of Satan

This outfit grown out from Massshusetts USA have been in an unholy pact together since 2005.

With "In the Name of Satan" Baby Stab Horror has reached a more mature level with their music. Each track takes on a character of it's own with intelligent rythem changes,a fine blend of keyboards meeting with a solid bass, Blood curdling riffs and vocals that can only be defined as pure evil. This album is a perfect blend of thrash laced with black metal creating a haunting ambience but still leaving you brutally shaken up.

"In the Name of Satan" is very well on the ball and put together,dont think that this album could've been any tighter.. I do highly recommend it giving it a 5/5

1. Procession Of Tthe Leviathan
2. Annihilation Has Come
3. Ascension
4. Exibit A (A Letter To The Parents)
5. Sun Of Darkness
6. Vitriolic Message Of Hate
7. Giants
8. Turning Paradise To Ash
9. The Transmission
Rotting Corpse Records
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 25, 2009
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