Baalphegor - Post Earthquake Age

Baalphegor (Spain) has released their second full length and again you hear 9 technical, melodic death metal. Deep growling vocals, which could use some more different intonations, over fast songs. Guitars that shred, bring melody and having a catchy flow but also doing frenzy leads. To complete the brutality the drums are raging with double bass blasts. It is not continuess a battery assault but also containing breaks or even atmospheric quiet parts like in "Humtec Sphere". "Post Earthquake Age" is not an average death metal album but it hides nice elements of aggressiveness and variation.

1. Manipuled Nerves Impulses
2. Humtec Sphere
3. Ansphina
4. The New Adoreds
5. Filter Of Life
6. ..Moments Of The Creation..
7. New Coming Are Slave,
8. Source Of Energy
9. Post Earthquake Age
Fastbeast Entertainment
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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