Autere - Being Dead Is A Place

These Finnish melodic death metallers liken their sound to many Arch Enemy arrangements ("Circle of Kinetic Damage") with atmospheric vocal harmonies that expand their infectious musical talent even further. Forming way back in 2002, a couple of demos and three EP including this one, Autere have never quite yet made it to a full album release, but there is hope that this EP will lead them into the studio for a few more tunes for their fans, myself included.

There are plenty of guitar sweeps and fretboard blazing solos on this taster EP of the band. Compared to earlier material they have lost the lo-fi hardcore rasp and near cookie monster screams and gained maturity, whilst the ideas appear very similar, but result in a much improved quality recording because the vocal style of Jemmy Kaumi is much more precise. Did I mention the riffs? Of course I did, they just keep on coming, even the groove is infectious. The arrangements remain interesting and do not go stagnant as many bands do in this genre.

In a genre that I really got tired with about 3 or 4 years ago, it is good to hear that there is fresh blood doing what they do best. Not necessarily a unique or different approach, but to put it simply, they have the balls and the talent to push themselves into a relevant sounding group that surprisingly find themselves unsigned. With part of the current roster of bands on Metal Blade, Century Media and Nuclear Blast doing what these guys do, it would be a shame to let these Finn’s pass by.

1. Circle Of Kinetic Damage
2. Suppressed To The Slumber
3. Black Center
4. Contorted Leftover

Self released
Reviewer: twansibon
Apr 3, 2010

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