Assemblent - Equilibrium

Assemblent is a band from Portugal that is releasing its first album. 5 Guys that play a mixture of death metal mixed with doom. And maybe you hear some gothic or a slight industrial? Two bands came into my mind and that were Golgotha and My Dying Bride. And with the help of Moonspell vocalist Fernando ("Silent Cry") you can add them too. Melodic songs in mid or up tempo with grwoling clean vocals and keyboards. The songs breath a dark and emotional atmosphere. Count the good production and you have an interesting album with various metal paths.

1. Equilibrium
2. Heartwork
3. Into My Sleep
4. A Dying Moment
5. Silent Cries
6. Grammaton Cleric
7. From Red Core To Black Sky
8. Terria
9. Subtellurian Darkness
10. Fears
Reviewer: twansibon
Feb 26, 2009

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