Ass To Mouth - Kiss Ass

What the hell could you expect if you read a name like Ass To Mouth? Right… Grindcore. This enjoyable debut is nothing else but short, fast and brutal as fuck. The guitarwork ranges from Hardcore-influenced parts to pure Grindcore madness, while the drums constantly beat the shit out of you. The very few midtempo sections are well placed and responsible for additional brutality. The vocals are also variable (pig squeals, screams, growling) and the whole album is far away from being boring and the average Grindcore bands with gore and splatter lyrics. Ass To Mouth doesn´t invent something new, but if you like a gory Death/Grind bastard with a pissed-off attitude, these guys from Poland will surely bring you to your knees. Suitable for Grindfreaks with a sense of humour only.

1. ATM Machine
2. Drunk, dead & drunk again
3. Woodstock 69
4. Howabowa
5. Bodybag full of crack
6. No more Mr. Nice Pig
7. 97% Spirit genocide
8. Mr. Pig's birthday party
9. Triumphal march of Mr. Pig
10. Lord of the shits
11. The story of Mr. P
12. Evil banana
13. Lion king
14. Flintstone Fred
15. Where is cocaine?
16. My mustache is thunder
17. Touch my balls
18. All my friends are emo
19. My first date
20. Assfuck & the epilogue
21. We are the road crew (Motörhead Cover)
Lifestage Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 25, 2009

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