Asilent - The Unconsecrated

Second album from those beasts from Singapore. 5 years after their first full length of 2012 and it appears that their musical taste hasn't changed dramatically. They just proceeded from brutal to fuckin brutal. 11 songs in this new atrocity of theirs. Taking aside the intro and outro, we got 9 songs of pure hate talkin bout zombies, death and other horrific lyrical concepts following the same pattern. Brutal guitar riffs, scratchin the tip of your brain, itchy and heavy on the same time, followed by a tight bass guitar that emphasizes on how to boost the whole outcome and a drummer that keeps this savagery all together by playing what's needed every time! The boys in Asilent are definitely skilled players. You can tell that easily. Drum-wise, I got to admit that the blaster in the band has many weapons in his arsenal. Typical blast beats, thrash beats, double kick drum beats and in general, everything a death metal drummer wants to possess before he proceeds in playing in a band. The wisdom of when and what, is what makes him different.

The same goes for the rest of the band. Guitar riffs are fluent, swirling at times and technical but under no occasion blabber-ish. Song constructions cover a range of 2:30 minutes/song so you have a great balance between the variety of riffs used for each song and the boredom factor. The length is the perfect one for this type of brutal death metal. Just imagine two minutes of great riffing, getting fat and sounding huge with the proper bass lines backing them up and a relentless drummer holding this stuff together with tons of hyper blast beats and all other beats he can fit in, while the vocalists tear their throats apart growling and pig squealing curses at every direction. Vocalists have managed to create a diversity here. You can actually tell who is who. Usually when a brutal death metal band has two or three voices, you cannot actually define the difference cos it's all bout brutality. Here these guys have distinct voices. Both brutal of course. This goes without saying.

Big surplus of growls, grunts and inhales. These guys don't use their voices as something to fill up some space but as another instrument and this is something I always liked about brutal death metal vocalists. All the above sum up into an exquisite form of brutal death metal that will please all the fans of the genre. Production keeps a low profile. No exaggerations or super bright bullshit prods here. The stuff is brutal and so should be the production. Clear of course, so everything can be heard but on the same time muddy as it should be. The cover artwork could be something they should work on but this is a minor flaw compared to all the rest. Summing up; "The Unconsecrated" is what Asilent have to offer for 2017. Pure Singaporean brutal death metal and damn it I'm on that train. Anyone else?

  1. Apocalypse Dawn (Intro)
  2. Ground Zero Abomination
  3. Zombie Astral Ethnology
  4. Fetid Sphere
  5. Seeds From The Infestation
  6. Rotten Wounds Of The Victim
  7. The Walking Dead
  8. Legion Of Quislings
  9. The Unconsecrated
  10. Omnipotent Garuda
  11. End Of Humanity (Outro)

                      Self released
                      Reviewer: twansibon
                      Apr 9, 2018
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