Ashent – Deconstructive

Ladies and gentlemen, this Ashent second album is the progressive masterpiece of the year (and probably of the next ones too). Previously highly acclaimed on these same pages for their debut Flaws Of Emotions, the Italian gods come back with an incredible new opera that will destroy a big part of the competition and that's already designed for the glory: twelve tracks of a progressive aggression without any weak point. The guitars work incessantly, without loosing an ounce of their strength, between complicated riffs, beautiful evocative parts and memorable solos; drums and bass are united as two souls in only one body, in unison, perfectly balanced between a never bored virtuosity and a flawless rhythmical work; the use of the keyboards is masterly, as always with these guys: intelligent, not only in a "classic" progressive way, but this time darker than ever; and finally another special note for the vocals: for the main one, clean, powerful, expressive, really close to perfection, and for all the backing death growls, important to emphasize with the right dose of aggression the best passages of an album incredibly structured and mature, very well produced and with a great artwork. Dream Theater, Nevermore and Control Denied in only one band: absolute masterpiece.

1. Sinking Beneath
2. Imperfect
3. Ephemera
4. To Develop Self-creativity
5. The Resonance Of Life
6. Cassandra
7. Spectral Vanity
8. How Could It Feel Like This?
9. Ebb And Flow Of Awareness
10. Starlinked Innerness
11. Eclipsing Binary
12. Music For Departures
Lion Music
Reviewer: twansibon
Jun 25, 2009

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