As Empires Fall - World Eclipse

As Empires Fall unleash their brief, but brutal EP with a blend of hardcore and deathcore, and even a bit of melodic death metal. The album opens with "Dark Days Remain", full of chugging guitars, a mix of growls and shouts, and just pure aggression mixed in with a few melodic riffs here and there. Sometimes the track sounds extremely gritty, but during the melodic parts the guitars sound in perfect shape, adding plenty of groove to the already heavy chugging rhythms. "Apocalypse Through The Looking Glass" is no less merciful, but by far displays the best of the band's technical and melodic skills instrumentally. There is even an attempt at a rough, clean vocal style in the middle of the track before launching into the death metal roar amongst the pounding drums and chugging guitars. It's not the best singing in the world, but adds another dynamic, especially when layered with the screaming. Finally there is "Prophets Of Dystopia" which is unfortunately more of a generic deathcore track in the sense that it forsakes the melodic bits of earlier track for a heavier, crushing style. But, listeners can tell there is a strong hardcore element within how the music just is a face breaker over and over while not being too repetitive. If one listens closely maybe they can pick out the more melodic sandwiched within the guitars, but the extremely heavy distortion makes it unlikely. Still, these three tracks are definitely standout songs and should certainly garner enough attention to As Empires Fall to find a record label to help them spread their music faster and pave the way to a crushing, full length debut.

  1. Dark Days Remain
  2. Apocalypse Through The Looking Glass
  3. Prophets Of Dystopia

Self released
Reviewer: Colin McNamara
Mar 2, 2011

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