Artretic Intestine – Trail Of Entrails

While doing some research on this Finnish band for this review I discovered that they’ve recently split up, which is definitely a shame since their latest and final album is a really good piece of work. Artetic Intestine (which is a medical condition where a part of the intestines are too narrow or partly absent) was active from 2006 to 2016 and have previously released one full-length, two EP’s and two demo’s. The music can be described as brutal death metal with groove metal and black metal influences. Combining more rhythmical riffs with melodies, all in all it reminds me of Brutality’s "When The Sky Turns Black" album.

The playing on this record is very good, the band plays very tight, and the vocals are gory brutal, with a nice sqeak in the overtones. (although they’re overdubbed most of the time). Productionwise it’s sound brutal tight,clear and modern, but the sound also reminds me of mid nineties death metal (especially the guitartone).

The album "Trail Of Entrails" features 8 songs and a total playing time of almost 33 minutes. The first two songs feature a lot of riffs and are somewhat nervous in their structure, the Riffs are realy cool but everytime you get catched by their groove, the next riff is already there. However from the third song 'Ballad Of The Broken Bones' the changes in the music became less hectic, with a little moor room for repetition. Like said strong riffs with cool grooves and atmosphere, culminating in the last song 'Vomiting On God’s Remains' which features an awesome acoustic intro and intermezzo.

Too bad they’s split up. Fortunately there’s this album to enjoy.

  1. Antitheist Warfare
  2. Forced Protection
  3. Ballad Of The Broken Bones
  4. Vortex Of Misanthropy
  5. Multiple Stabwound Infection
  6. Reverse Puzzle
  7. From Within
  8. Vomiting On God's Remains

Reviewer: N.Ottink
Oct 14, 2016

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