Artillery - When Death Comes

Artillery is one of the metal scene's best kept secrets. They are one of Europe's earliest contributors to the thrash metal genre. The Danish technical thrash band formed in early 1982 and recorded several albums. Unfortunately, Artillery never gained mainstream recognition due to their internal strife and lack of support from record labels, therefore, they split in 1993.  They made many attempts to reunite in the following years, however, those were unsuccessful.

To the surprise and excitement of metal lovers everywhere, Artillery has enlisted a fresh vocalist and is back with a new album entitled "When Death Comes." Nominated for Metal Album of the Year at the Danish Metal Awards 2009!

Blending heavy rhythms with technical hard melodies makes this band one of the finest to come out of Europe. Thrashy, fast, heavy music give a modern twist to the album while the harmonizing growly sound of the vocalist takes you back to the days of Iron Maiden.  The alternating tempos, powerful vocal range, intense guitar solos, and heavy rhythms make for a vibrant and bold album which will appeal to heavy metal and thrash lovers alike.

An example of the band's talent and range of ability can be heard in the song 10.000 Devils. Clean harmonizing vocals coupled with intense screams give you a sense of the vocalist's talent. Complex fast solos showcase the lead guitar player's artistic ability. The rhythm guitar, bass, and drums accompany the singer and lead guitar nicely providing the tempo changes and the heavy fast thrashy sound.

Let it be known Artillery is back and in your face!  This is a must have album for all audiences who enjoy metal. Horns up!

Current Members:
MORTEN STÜTZER: Lead-guitar, bass [1982 - 1988]


  1. When Death Comes

  2. Upon My Cross I Crawl

  3. 10.000 Devils

  4. Rise Above It All

  5. Sandbox Philosophy

  6. Delusions of Grandeur

  7. Not a Nightmare

  8. Damned Religion

  9. Uniform

  10. The End

Metal Mind Productions
Reviewer: SweetSinz
Nov 24, 2009

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