Artach – Chronicles Of A Black Winter

Artach has released, what appears, to be their first album (nothing else is listed on Bandcamp) in "Chronicles Of A Black Winter". And the first track, ‘Eternal Black Winter,’ wastes no time in opening the band up to the world. 4/4 count by the drummer and then start!

The album, after that blasting opening, then slows down and feels akin to the punk side of Darkthrone before blasting out again with, ‘Permafrost'. This track features plenty of texture, outrageously fast opening, to then follows an emotional riff over some fairly heavy rhythm section – then speeds back up again. Great.

The style in this album seems to swing between tight picking of riffs and slower strumming wherein the strings ring and the distortion becomes paramount. This aspect is best featured with the track, ‘Leviathan... Rise'.

The album is definitely black metal – but there are some really nice elements in that that makes this author think the musicians are truly having some fun. In particular, ‘Frozen In Time', exhibits this by delivering several rhythmic textures and a variety of guitar techniques. The vocals are also just well placed in this track in both timing and style.

Another of the album’s strengths is the band members’ willingness to show their reliance on the traditions of metal. In particular, their cover of Celtic Frost’s ‘Jewel Throne', which opens more texture in the album of course – but in fact marks a new flavor from a different era of metal. I say yes to this.

"Chronicles Of A Black Winter" is a solid effort – right to the end. I will be looking forward to their next album (if they release one).

4.5 / 5 STARS


1. Eternal Black Winter
2. Permafrost
3. Leviathan... Rise
4. Ice Raven
5. Frozen In Time
6. The Fallen Ones
7. When The Forest Ends
8. Fire & Ice
9. Jewel Throne (cover Celtic Frost)

Self released
Reviewer: Jesse
May 8, 2020

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