Ars Manifestia - The Red Behind

Ars Manifestia is an one man band by an Italian guy who calls himeself Harmful. Harmful is obsessed by black metal and decided to move to Norway to feel the grim coldness himself. He also lived in London so we could call him a wanderer. According to himself he only needs a guitar. But beside the guitar also learned himself to play drums to do a proper recording.

"The Red Behind" is a bit of a strange name. Is it referring to the bloodred sky behind the shed or to the ass of a baboon? But I don't think Harmful is joking about the baboon... "The Red Behind" is a follow up on the album "The Enchanting Dark's Arrival and is released on the Spanish label BlackSeed Productions. It contains 7 tracks and has a clocking time over 70 minutes. So what could you expect when listening to "The Red Behind"?

For me it is the first time I hear Ars Manifestia so I sat down and started the album. What you hear is atmospheric, harsh and old school black metal. The songs are not only drenched in aggression but also showing nice melodies. And like you read before he only needs his guitar and so the main focus is on his guitars. Nice melody lines in the riffs. Tempo of the songs range from fast to slow to mid paced and are nice dosed.
The weakest point are the drums. A big shout out for not using a drum machine but playing them 'live'. His capabilities are limited and they are mixed in a bit weak. His vocals on the other hand are nice and raspy.

Harmful delivered an album that is entertaining for the 70 minutes and breath a nice atmosphere of coldness, grimness and terrifying haunts. It breaths the old school black metal vibe without female vocals or keyboards. Nice album.

1. Isolation
2. The Way
3. End Now
4. Diversity
5. Home
6. In Rain
7. Ogni Cosa Scompare

BlackSeed Productions
Reviewer: twansibon
Jan 1, 2010
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