Arryan Path - Terra Incognita

‘Terra Incognita’ (Unknown Land) is a further album from this personal project of singer Nicholas Leptos (on vocals) from Cyprus. There is lots of power metal pomp and circumstance about this music, leaning towards the Rhapsody (of Fire) and latter/lighter Stratovarius, there is lots of cheese basically, and lots of real singing to be fair. Nicholas’ voice has all the hallmarks of a true singer, however does tend to lose his place in some of the higher notes, but then all good singers suffer this trait being men. A Middle Eastern musical influence creeps into the musical foray; ‘Cassiopeia’ has a great arrangement and an especially catchy melody and vocal rendition. Crafted with effortless ease, there is a good sense of greatness about this tune and it leads me to wanting more of Arryan Path, but they do nearly outstay their welcome at over 9 minutes and some drastic warbling prior to a ripping guitar solo. The album title track takes intro inspiration from the Middle East again, this is another epic tune, and it builds from a slow powerful progressive metal start to a crescendo of progressive metal majesty.  ‘The Blood Remains on the Believer’ has a lot of Iron Maiden influence in the opening melody (I wonder how they appeared on Bruce Dickinson’s radio show a while back!), then it really goes a little weak into a Stratovarius chorus that is good and tuneful, but it makes the track seem thinner than what is really is or could be otherwise. The cherry on top of this big slice of pie is the emotive ‘Elegy’, what a great guitar solo and arrangement, a very strong epic ballad. ‘Angel with No Destination’ will keep the Euro power metallers happy, something upbeat even sometimes floating into debut album Sonata Arctica wonders of great hook laden guitar work and a strong melody.

For what the album is, it is a good listen; this market is quite heavily populated with similar sounding bands, having said that, this is a sterling effort non-the less.

1. Cassiopeia
2. Molon Lave
3. Terra Incognita
4. Open Season
5. Ishtar
6. The Blood Remains on the Believer
7. Elegy
8. Angel With No Destination
9. Minas Tirith
10. The Mind

Pitch Black Records
Reviewer: twansibon
May 8, 2010

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