Arms Of War - Legions Of Steel

This is muscular thrash from Belgium, an independent release and a debut release by a band that formed about four years ago. On the thrash side of things, take you mind to the heavier elements of Testament (‘The Gathering’ and ‘Demonic’) and Exodus, then mix that approach with some death thrash of say Legion of the Damned, although that’s more in the delivery that the actual song arrangements I would point out. I wouldn’t say that there are any particular tracks that stands out immensely, but I do hear a level of consistency.

‘Deus Amo’ leads to a more death groove, although the atmospherics by the added keyboards do actually provide more meat, but I still don’t like them! They don’t seem right with a thrash groove as the track develops. The solo however, now that’s right on the money and right in tune with that San Francisco heavier elements.  ‘Prophet of Destruction’ has a real cool element but a weird almost blast beat intro before settling into some excellent thrash, not groove, but thrash with a splash of background synths or so it sounds.

This is a very cool, very strong album filled with thrash of the heavier vein that could easily be heralded as an album from some of the bigger names in the genre. The approach is fresh, exciting and mostly aggressive. The songs sound genuine and original to the band. It would be so easy to take more from their influences, but no, Arms of War and their ‘Legions of Steel’ through tread over the corpses of all those weaker bands who don’t have an ounce of originality. The battle is won, now for the war!

  1. Legions Of Steel
  2. War & Pain 
  3. Deus Amo 
  4. The Void  
  5. The Vampire King  
  6. Senseless Life In Silence  
  7. Prophet Of Destruction 
  8. Lost Beliefs 
  9. Arms Of War